About Us


was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 2002.  The President and owner has more than 25 years’ experience in accounting, taxes and business consulting services. 

The company has served various organizations as well as their individual members, and non-profit institutions. We offer expert technical knowledge and personalized services.

We have saved clients millions of dollars by searching out special provisions in federal and state tax law and monitoring changes in laws, regulations, and court rulings.

For businesses, we provide accounting and tax services according to IRS and Accounting rules and regulations.  For individuals, we provide tax planning, compliance and return preparation services to meet financial objectives according to government tax codes. 



Read the Road Map to Financial Security and Learn:

  • How to tap God’s abundant wealth
  • How to defeat financial limitations and fear
  • How to work with God in financial decisions
  • Motivational weapons to use in financial battles
  • How to differentiate between needs and wants
  • How to avoid financial stagnation

 Financial shortages and the occasional financial crisis have deep roots that extend beyond budgeting and investment. Those roots need to be completely destroyed before budgeting can accomplish its task. Investment sources will constantly be depleted if those roots are not recognized and destroyed. For example, good investments cannot eliminate bad habits of careless spending. Also, budgeting which is a starting point in money management cannot alone turn finances around to satisfy the best reward of Matthew 25:15-30 

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